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Angela Okorie Calls Out Club Quilox For Almost Killing Her
Angela Okorie

Angela Okorie Calls Out Club Quilox For Almost Killing Her

Pearl Emmanuel

Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie, recently took to her Instagram page to call out club Quilox for leaving the big pothole in their club unattended to.

The actress explained that during the early hours of the morning, she almost lost her legs and her life when she fell into a gutter close to the popular club in Lagos, owned by socialite and politician, Shina Peller.

She wrote:

Coming out of @clubquilox this morning I fell into the drainage at the car park. It was a bad experience, please quickly do something about those opened gutters before it kills someone. Other people might not have the Grace To survive such incident. But I thank God For his grace over my life Am doing this because it’s necessary Not to talk down on the club But for corrections to be made So it doesn’t happen to some one else

She afterwards had a live video session on Instagram where she conducted a worship session with her fans.

She later received some calls from her fans who called to check on her well-being and appreciate her.