7 Habits That Can Make You Lose Respect At Work

Wondering why nobody wants to be associated with you at your place of work? This post may give you more insight.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

There are some annoying habits that can make you lose respect at your place of work. Even if you are the most respected staff in your office, these are some habits that you should take note of if you don't want to lose that respect. They include:

1. Complaining

Why complain about everything? Complaining is a poor attitude which can make you lose respect at your place of work.

2. Lying or stealing

Be honest, as honesty gives you respect. You don't need to lie or steal at your place of work if you want to command respect.

3. Slacking

Be regular at work because irregularity makes your co-workers who show up early and regularly feel resentful towards you. This can reduce the level of respect they have for you.

4. Being late

People won't wait for you to show up if they notice you are always late to work, meetings or with deadlines. Lateness gives people the impression that you are disorganised and disrespectful of other people's time.

5. Gossiping

Although people may enjoy hearing you gist about other people's private affairs, they are judging you at the same time. They will see you as someone who cannot be trusted with sensitive information.

6. Acting hypocritical

Lead by example. Making people do as you say and not as you do will only diminish your authority quickly. Why not adopt an attitude of being consistent? People will definitely depend on and trust your judgement better.

7. Blaming others

Take responsibility for your own actions and experience. Do not throw others under the bus for your own mistakes, as this may make you look irresponsible and petty.

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