See The Real Reason  Cubana Chief Priest Unfollowed Mercy On Instagram
Cubana Chief Priest and BBNaija’s Mercy

See The Real Reason Cubana Chief Priest Unfollowed Mercy On Instagram

Pearl Emmanuel

According to news making the rounds, Cubana Chief Priest wanted Mercy to spend the weekend in Owerri, in order to appear at his club, Cubana, and his restaurant, De Angels Bar & Grills, after her grand appearance at Cubana the previous night.

He made arrangements to thrill the audience and also planned on having huge sales at the new hang out with music artistes, like Saro Wiwa and others, who were scheduled to perform.

These plans might have served as a worthy compensation for all that Cubana Chief Priest did to support the Owerri born #BBNAIJA 2019 winner, Mercy Eke, while on the reality show.

Mercy, on the other hand, had earlier signed an endorsement deal with a transportation company, Mr Taxi, on the 30th of October, 2019, and was scheduled to be at their launch at Oriental Hotel, Lagos, on the 2nd of November, 2019.

According to sources, Mercy couldn't renege on her agreement with the transportation company just to satisfy the nightlife promoter. Cubana Chief Priest reportedly wanted a meet and greet but Mercy had to be at the opening of Mr Taxi.

This arrangement reportedly did not go down well with the chief priest, as this shattered his plans to shut down Owerri with the rave of the moment celebrity.

It is believed that good money was spent to bring Mercy down to Owerri, so the new plan didn’t go well with the chief priest who in anger allegedly deleted everything about Mercy from his IG page.

This, according to our findings, was what made the chief priest so angry that he deleted her pictures and unfollowed her on social media.

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