Kim Oprah Visits Omashola’s Hometown To Express Her Love For Him
Kim Oprah and Omashola

Kim Oprah Visits Omashola’s Hometown To Express Her Love For Him

Pearl Emmanuel

During the just concluded Big Brother Naija show, there seemed to be a love triangle between Kim Oprah, Omashola and Jeff.

In her diary sessions with Big Brother, Kim Oprah revealed that she liked Omashola and wanted something outside the house with him. But she revealed that Jeff was always around her.

Since leaving the house, Kim has been busy travelling from one country to the other. Once, she was invited to New York by a male fan for an undisclosed business and she has indeed been busy.

Omashola, on the other hand, proceeded to the top 5 finalists and has enjoyed the attention accompanying his newfound fame.

He explained once when asked about Kim Oprah that the reason he never really pursued her while in the house was that she didn't seem quite straightforward to him.

Since the end of the show, Kim has been seen numerous times in the company of Omashola and everyone is asking questions without getting answers.

When she was recently linked to having a romantic affiliation with Jeff, she quickly made a video to disassociate herself from it but has done nothing to explain her recent closeness to Omashola.

She accompanied the Warri-born to his homecoming in Delta State, along with Tuoyo, who is also a Delta State-born. The question remains; why is Kim Oprah always seen with Omashola?

Are they taking their friendship to the next level? More updates coming soon.

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