TBoss Apologises To Davido After He Insulted Her

TBoss apologises Davido, insists she was misinformed.

Pearl Emmanuel

Tokunbo Idowu, popularly known as TBoss, has apologised to singer, Davido, for criticising his reaction to the young women who accused him of putting one of them in the family way.

A few days after Davido’s fiancée, Chioma Rowland, known popularly as Chef Chi, put to bed, two ladies identified as Helen and Susan made a video, accusing the singer of putting one of them in the family way and denying responsibility.

The lady in question narrated a story, claiming she met Davido at a party in Lagos and they had sex. Shortly after, she discovered she was pregnant and Davido denied the pregnancy.

The matter took a drastic turn when Davido placed a bounty of N1million on the heads of the ladies. Realising what they had done, the ladies quickly made another video, apologising to the singer, explaining that they were just playing a prank.

At this time, it dawned on them that the singer was not buying their joke after he promised to sue them for defamation of character.

When the ladies were found, they were handcuffed and the video was posted online. The way the ladies were treated did not go down well with many people and they called out the singer over it.

TBoss was one of the people that criticised Davido, stating that his approach to the matter was primitive and barbaric. She also advised the girls to go ahead and sue the singer.

Davido's brother insulted her for calling the singer out, and in response, Davido called TBoss a low budget Toke, ridiculing the mother of one for trying too hard to seek attention.

TBoss has since realised her mistake and has now apologised to the singer for her comment on the matter.

According to her, she reacted based on a distorted version of the story. She noted that her reaction was not from a place of hate.

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