Man Proposes To Girlfriend In The Middle Of A ‘Planned’ Fight With His Friend
Man proposing to his girlfriend

Man Proposes To Girlfriend In The Middle Of A ‘Planned’ Fight With His Friend

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

For many young people, marriage proposals are a big deal. This is why once in a while we see videos online showing the best and most romantic ways of men popping the question.

We have also seen some huge marriage proposals flop after a lot of energy and resources have been put into the planning of the special occasion.

So, most times, it's a risk; a risk the young man in a video that has gone viral on social media took in planning a dramatic proposal for his girlfriend.

The lover boy and his close friends staged a fight that at first looked serious.

In the video, the young man was on his knees begging his friend who claimed he had damaged something expensive in his car.

The girlfriend, who didn't know she was being played, stood between the friend and her man, making sure that the visibly angry man didn't harm her boyfriend.

While she was still trying to settle the fight, her boyfriend brought out a ring from his pocket and tried to get her attention by tapping her.

She paid little attention to him, as she continued to beg the other man. Seeing that she was immersed in the prank and wasn't aware of what was happening around her, all the guys who had earlier pretended to be involved in the fight started shouting for her to look at her boyfriend.

It was at this time that she turned, saw the ring in his hand and figured she was being played. She immediately gave her man a hug, as she said yes while smiling.

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