ELOY Awards And Conference 2019 Set To Hold In November
ELOY Awards

ELOY Awards And Conference 2019 Set To Hold In November


The nomination process has finally begun and different categories have been created with the aim of recognizing and rewarding hard work and talents of various women in different industries.

The nominations closed on Wednesday, September 25, 2019. Collation has begun and nomination letters will be sent out to all nominees in due time.

The ELOY Awards team is dedicated to celebrating women in our society and beyond, who strive hard and fiercely to achieve a better tomorrow.

Over the years, we have built a platform to show the world what women from all walks of life are capable of and not just in the “other room.”

This award is also aimed at inspiring other women who at some point feel discouraged by the society, culture and values, into becoming more than what “culture” has set as standards.

This year’s awards would be bigger and better. This is why the team urges all top brands, both nationally and internationally, to sponsor and partner with the awards.

We would like to reach a wider audience of girls and women in all spheres of life with dreams and aspirations to assist them to attain greater heights and fulfilment in life, thereby giving hope to the “Girl Child.”

Stay glued to our online channels, as we unfold what we have in the bag for you this year.

The aim for ELOY Awards as always is to continue to inspire, motivate and empower women, celebrate our successes and show that it can be done.

Our distinguished judges were carefully selected and they embody ladies who are doing exceptionally well in their chosen fields and are great examples of strong women doing great things. We want other women to be inspired by these women and strive to be the best they can be.

This year, our theme is “I am Empowered.” We want to know any woman in any community, workplace, field or anywhere that is doing great work. We want to celebrate those women.

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