Man Cries Out After Someone Posted His House Address Online As Davido’s

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

If you wonder why celebrities almost never disclose where they leave, this tweet by a regular Twitter user will give you an idea.

In a bid to get rid of the uninvited guests who usually camp outside his home, @Hectorconcarne has put out a disclaimer on Twitter that Davido doesn't live in his home.

Apparently, someone online gave his address as Davido's home address, and since then, fans of the music star and up and coming artists have been stopping by the location to beg for favours.

The PR personnel tweeted: "@iam_Davido I think someone put up my address as yours online. for a while now Been waking up to people randomly singing and rapping in front of my house not even counting the mixtapes they send, and for the past month people randomly come to greet the “baby” amongst other things.

"lol please I’ve posted it everywhere that it’s a wrong address but they just keep coming ! I just want to sleep well without someone screaming “OBO PLEASE HEP MY LAIVE” At my window sigh."

He followed the disclaimer with videos of some of the young music artists performing while he recorded them.

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