3 Signs You Are Mentally Weak
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3 Signs You Are Mentally Weak

Titilayo Ilori

People who are weak mentally often find it difficult to make certain decisions and deal with difficult situations in life. Sometimes, you might think you are mentally strong but it could turn out that you are not. Below are three traits of a mentally weak person.

1. Scared of trying something new

Being scared of trying something new shows you are weak mentally. You should be able to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. If you find it difficult to try something new, then there is a problem.

2. You complain too often

A person who is weak mentally will always complain of things they do not have control over, like how bad things are or how miserable their lives are.

They never appreciate what they have and never think positively but focus on the negative.

3. Nobody’s opinion counts

Sometimes, it is good to listen to what people have to say about you. It might help you be a better person. Ask people for their opinions, don't assume you know it all.

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