Kim Oprah and Tobi Bakre
Kim Oprah and Tobi Bakre

BBNaija Wedding: Are Tobi Bakre And Kim Oprah Romantically Involved?

Pearl Emmanuel

Love is in the air, as Cupid seems to be shooting at the hearts of different celebrities and influencers in Nigeria.

It has been revealed by the grapevine that Kim Oprah of the just concluded 'Pepper Dem' season and Tobi Bakre of 'Double Wahala' are in a romantic relationship and have been going out for quite some time now.

This is contrary to social media rumours of Omashola and Kim Oprah being romantically involved.

If you're an avid follower of the two reality stars, you would notice that they are always almost at the same location, embarking on a trip or captured on video within the same vicinity.

Apparently, this does not seem to be a coincidence.

Tobi took to Twitter a few days ago to thank God for giving him something (more like someone) special. Although he said he could have waited till 30/35 years of age but now at 25 God has done it for him.

Social media has gone agog with speculations, but sources close to the former housemates of the reality show reveal that the tweet made by Tobi might be in relation to Kim Oprah.

This means Kim Oprah only visited Omashola's village to show support to her fellow housemate and nothing more.

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