SARS On The Beat - A Spoken Word Poetry By Falade Kola, AKA Pariolodo

SARS On The Beat - A Spoken Word Poetry By Falade Kola, AKA Pariolodo

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Falade Kola, popularly known as Pariolodo, is a graduate of English and Literary Studies who has been lending his voice to the battle against the ills of society.

He is a performance poet/spoken word artist and that is the means through which he lets out his emotions and tries to address some of the unfortunate things that happen around him.

Some of the issues that Pariolodo has had to write and speak against include police extortion, brutality and sometimes murder of young people for no just cause.

Although he has not been a direct victim of this cruelty by men of the force, he has had friends who have suffered injustice at the hands of police.

These tragic moments, which were endured by those close to him and the many other reports of police brutality online, made him write the poem which he performed at the quarter-finals of War Of Words Season 8.

Happenings caught up with the University of Abuja graduate who is presently a corps member serving in Osogbo.

"I was born in Akure, grew up in Akure. I only relocated to Abuja about 7years ago, about a year before I got admission. That should be around 2013," Kola told Happenings.

Although Pariolodo is a multiple Poetry Slam champion, his journey into the Arts is less than a decade.

"Didn't even know there was anything like spoken word poetry in existence," he bluntly declared when asked if he was into poetry before school.

"I came in contact with poetry through a childhood friend of mine. He wrote those Shakespearean kinds of poetry then. I loved it and I said to myself, you can try something like this. And I started."

As with several other spoken word artists out there, Pariolodo started with page poetry before he developed himself to start performing his poems.

He now considers performance poetry to be more powerful than page poetry and “can't even remember the last time” he wrote a page poem.

The talented young man is in the semi-finals of War Of Words, Nigeria's foremost spoken word slam competition and he is hoping to add this to the list of slam events he has conquered.

In Abuja where he has spent the last few years of his life, Kola has contested in several poetry slams but none has been as choking as this.

"WOW is the first slam I'm attending in Lagos. It's like the most stressful slam I've competed in,” he said.

"All the other slams I've attended have always been a one-day event, and there's no theme given by the organizers to write on. So it allows you to be free in your creativity. But I'm pushing myself unlike anything I've ever done before and I guess it's a good thing."

Marvel, Fragile and Cephas are the three contestants who have stood out so far in the contest for Kola with their performances and he hopes to do better than them in the semis.

At a crucial stage of a competition like this, the strategy you deploy could make or break you but Kola isn't worried about that.

"I don't even know. I'm just going to do what I can and let the judges decide," he said when asked what his “special strategy” would be.

The semi-finals of War Of Words is today at the KÖNA Recreation Hub, in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State, Nigeria. Time is 2 pm.

List of Slams Pariolodo has won:

Two-time Als slam winner.

One-time Grand slam.

One-time Eco-poetry slam.

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