Stylist Calls Ike Of BBNaija Disloyal For Refusing To Tag Him
BBNaija’s Ike

Stylist Calls Ike Of BBNaija Disloyal For Refusing To Tag Him

More trouble as stylist, John Angel, threatens to tarnish Ike of BBNaija’s image.

Pearl Emmanuel

Celebrity stylist, John Angel, earlier called out fellow stylist, Swanky Jerry, for taking credit for his work over the years and taking glory for his creative ideas.

While Swanky is yet to reply the accusation, John has also penned down his emotions to Ike of Big Brother Naija for acting disloyal and choosing to be swayed by Swanky Jerry.

John, the stylist, has also asked Ike to return the clothes he styled him in and give him his payment for not giving him the credit required.

The stylist further revealed that he tried to chat with Ike to find out about the error of not tagging him but the former Big brother Naija housemate refused to acknowledge and reply his messages.

Stylist Calls Ike Of BBNaija Disloyal For Refusing To Tag Him

iam_ikeonyema, I tried to be civil with you by sending you a message first to express my displeasure but you overlooked everything I explained and still gave my credit to someone else. You have edited your caption countless times which reflects your lack of integrity and good conscience. I came through for you in spite of the short notice and did everything I could to ensure I got you the best, still you undermined my effort. I would always demand payment before service but I made an exception for you out of the goodness of my heart and to ensure you had something reputable to wear. You didn’t pay me, yet I supplied everything without hesitation. Where was Swanky when I was at your house doing the fitting ?! I curated the whole look from inception, so give respect where it’s due. You keep sucking up to Swanky which is disappointing. I understand that he does stuff for you for free but that shouldn’t completely destroy your conscience. Hopefully, you enjoyed your trip and the feeling of being best dressed. I’d need my outfit back by Tuesday, along with my payment . Wish you the best bro 🙏🏾
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