Who Gifted Actress Etinosa A Mercedes Benz?

Who Gifted Actress Etinosa A Mercedes Benz?

Pearl Emmanuel

With celebrities, the temptation to do strange things to remain relevant is always hovering around them.

Comedienne and actress, Etinosa, is no stranger to controversy, as she has had her fair share, especially in 2019, and has orchestrated some herself just to remain in the public eye.

The actress, who became popular earlier this year for stripping and going nude while live in MC Galaxy's video has not slowed down ever since. The actress has capitalised on that to build her brand and get some endorsements.

Etinosa, who is known for her funny attitude towards her looks, was one of the celebrities and influencers who trooped into Dubai for the One Africa Music Fest. Her joy knew no bounds as she thoroughly enjoyed herself to the most and kept her fans updated via Instagram.

Etinosa took to Instagram to announce on the last day of her trip that she had received a Mercedes Benz from a mystery fan who slid into her DM a few months ago.

Fans are speculating that the gift is from her latest love interest and might also have been orchestrated by the actress herself. She took to Instagram to express her joy and gratitude.

my Joy knows no boundsIndeed my Dubai trip comes to an end with the biggest surprise gift I have ever gotten in my life.. It’s not even my birthday and I am not going to say “it’s God o” or “is hardwork” or “perspire to inspire” it’s not anything but a God sent Angel who once reached out to me via my DM!! me Like I am still crying I am humbled like I no know wetin to talk. See Dubai no cold but cold dey catch me. Automatic cold just hook me. I dey cry like Omomo dey use my inhaler dey wedge my ches(t. Ahhh God know say for this my life Na biggie belle I get I no get pride 😭 is like a dream I don’t want to believe yet That meI am leaving Dubai as a Mercedes Benz owner. And to think that all these started from just a DM! GIRLS REPLY YOUR DM O😭😭😭I AM SO SO GRATEFUL. MY HEART IS FULL OF GRATITUDE. 🎉

Although there have been congratulatory messages from fans and celebrities alike, the question lingering on the hearts of many still remains: who got the car gift for the actress?

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