Why Tonto Dikeh Lied About Forgetting Her Instagram Password In Nigeria
Tonto Dikeh

Why Tonto Dikeh Lied About Forgetting Her Instagram Password In Nigeria

Tonto Dikeh lied about the wristwatch gift she reportedly received from Timi Frank and about forgetting her IG password in Nigeria.

Pearl Emmanuel

It is quite common for a Nigerian mother to caution a child who is going astray by calling the name of that child thrice, as a form of delivering a stern warning.

Tonto Dikeh has been called more than three times and advised by many but has chosen to feed her addiction to social media and continue to seek validation from a faceless online audience who only feed off controversy.

The actress, on Friday, November 15, excitedly posted on her Instagram handle that Dubai based politician, Timi Frank, gifted her a luxury wristwatch and then gifted her son an apartment.

Tonto Dikeh and Timi Frank

The politician, Frank, who is known for his low-key lifestyle has been reportedly telling close friends that he did not gift Tonto a luxury watch or an apartment but that she took his watch without his permission, took pictures and posted them on Instagram without soliciting his consent.

Since making the trip to Dubai, Tonto tried too hard to show that she was on a higher pedestal than those who attended the One Music Africa Fest.

According to reports making the rounds, the politician has been lying low in Dubai until recently when he was pulled out by Tonto.

Sources claim that he does not have an apartment to himself, let alone one to gift Tonto's son.

The unprecedented publicity Tonto has given Frank does not sit well with him, as insiders report that he is upset about the attention the post brought him.

"His phone did not stop ringing,'' a source said.

Tonto has not updated her Instagram page since Friday night and no one has heard anything from her since she was arrested by the police in Dubai for attempting to record the live brouhaha she was involved in and for using swear words to curse out the security at an event she was refused access into.

The actress’ phone has been seized from her, according to insiders. This led her to get a new phone and open a new Instagram account just to keep up with the charade that she is okay.

But from her latest videos of her cajoling her fans to follow her new page, her swollen eyes are unmistakable. The actress is rumoured to have been crying all night and is only trying to look happy for the gram.

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