Anthony Joshua: Andy Ruiz Is Good But He Can’t Beat Me Twice

Anthony Joshua: Andy Ruiz Is Good But He Can’t Beat Me Twice

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Anthony Joshua has once again spoken about his first career defeat against Andy Ruiz ahead of their rematch.

The former World Heavyweight Champion lost his titles when he was knocked out by the Mexican in June when they squared up in the US.

The 30-year-old triggered a clause in the fight contract to set up a rematch that is set to go down on December 7 in Saudi Arabia.

He is set to depart the UK for the Arab nation on Saturday while members of his team will go ahead of him to ensure facilities are in place for him to continue his preparation.

Ahead of the bout, the British-Nigerian boxer spoke to BBC.

"Yes, but I am not going to say what it was. It was me, nothing like partying or anything like that," he answered when asked if he knew what went wrong in the first fight against Ruiz.

"It wasn't burnout. The issues I faced in the last camp, it's just down to lack of experience. Even though it was at a high level we were still finding experience."

Looking ahead of the fight next month, Joshua said he gained some experience from the defeat and is confident he won't be defeated a second time.

"Andy Ruiz is good but I don't think he should beat me twice, " Joshua continued.

"I used to hear guys say you have to take a loss and I would think 'why?'

"Now I can understand it and know what it takes. I have more understanding now and my ears are open to new information so that is making me smarter as a fighter. Anyone can be hungrier, I am smarter.

"The blessing is I have a second chance and here we are."

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