3 Signs He Respects You
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3 Signs He Respects You

Titilayo Ilori

Nowadays, people no longer value relationships. Some people are in relationships because they do not want to feel lonely.

As a woman, you might notice your relationship with your partner is not heading anywhere and you want to know if you are on the right path or not.

If you are in a relationship and you notice these signs below, it means he respects and appreciates you. But if otherwise, take a walk.

1. He is not afraid to kiss you anywhere

If he loves you, he won't be shy to hold and kiss you anywhere. He will be willing to take you out on different occasions, including gatherings of friends, family events and so on.

He will never hide you from the world, but if he doesn't love you, he will give you one thousand reasons why he cannot take you out with him.

2. He does not appreciate his friends disrespecting you

It is common among the men to give details of how they treat their girlfriends. A man who loves and values you will not give his friends details of how good or awful you are in the bed. He would not allow his friends to disrespect you in any form.

3.  He gives you the respect you deserve

If your man truly respects you, the first thing that should be on his mind is to put a ring on that finger. Sometimes, he does not need to propose to you before he shows how much he respects you.

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