I’ve Never Seen A Tacha Stan That’s Intelligent  - Twitter User 
Twitter user and Tacha

I’ve Never Seen A Tacha Stan That’s Intelligent - Twitter User 

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Despite having over 70 thousand followers, some of whom are fans of the Big Brother Naija star, Tacha, a 'Twitter famous' has announced that he has never seen an intelligent Titan.

Fans of the reality TV star are called Titans, a nickname they called the clique that supported the internet sensation all through the BBNaija show.

The name and support have remained even after the show, with Titans making sure that their favourite housemate remains one of the most talked-about personality online by trending her name every week.

This move to make sure she remains relevant even after the show has irked a few other persons who are not fans of the 'no leave, no transfer' crooner, including the Twitter user, @Royzkingin.

In an attempt to spite fans of the 23-year-old brand influencer, the Twitter user wrote: "I’ve never seen a Tacha stan that’s intelligent before."

That tweet has garnered over 10 thousand likes and more than 2500 retweets. There have also been over a thousand replies, most of which have been attacks on the poster.

But the young man is not worried about the backlash he is receiving. Instead, he has continued to toy with them with more tweets: "I said I’ve not seen one, I didn’t say there are no intelligent ones. Coming for me is only proving my tweet right."

Then he followed it up with another tweet moments later: "I just made a tweet (which is straight fact btw) and everyone is in their feelings. I’m just out here sipping yoghurt, eating chicken suya and jamming to SHUT UP by Blaqbonez. Big flex."

Check out the tweets below:

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