5 Ways To Tone Down Spice In Dishes

5 Ways To Tone Down Spice In Dishes

Margaret Solace

As a mom or wife, we always want to make that perfect dish for our family or guests. But we sometimes make mistakes or someone becomes picky about the taste, the spice or the seasoning. Hot food always tastes spicy, but when it gets to the plate, the truth comes out.

When our minds are divided during cooking, these things happen. Even perfect chefs make mistakes sometimes, and no one is killed for it. There are many ways to tone down the spice in foods. Here are five common ones:

1. Add Tomato Paste

This has always been the old mama’s trick. Just add tomato paste to your spicy stew and it does the magic. Add more if it’s still spicy.

2. Add Dairy Foods

This might sound a little crazy but it’s not. You can add a little milk or yoghurt to your meal. Dairy is known to be the best remedy for spicy food because it gives a nice cooling effect on the body. Just don’t add too much heat, else it may curdle. You can opt for coconut milk.

3. Add Sweeteners

Sweet things come in different flavours and this can also tone down the spiciness of a meal. Just add a sweetener, like sugar, but not too much so you don’t end up eating sweet soup or meal.

4. Serve with Bland Foods

When your soup is too spicy, serve with foods with no taste at all. It balances the equation and makes it less enduring. It becomes much better. Starchy foods go well with spicy soups and dishes, e.g rice, pasta e.t.c

5. Add more Ingredients

When a meal is too spicy and you’re left with few options, add more ingredients or more vegetables or more liquid to it till you get your desired taste. Don’t make it too watery, though.

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