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Guy Reveals How A Lady Tried To Play On His Intelligence After Sending Her 30k For Hookup

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

A Nigerian Twitter user has exposed a female friend who tried to play a smart one on him after collecting his 30 thousand naira.

According to him, he had been requesting for a hookup with the said lady for a while but she was always pushing him away despite his benevolence towards her.

In the leaked WhatsApp chat, the young man is seen requesting for a refund of his 30 thousand naira after the girl went back on their agreement.

He had credited the lady with the huge sum of money after she told him she needed money to cheer her up as she was broke. As opposed to the ten thousand naira which she had requested for, he sent her thirty thousand naira.

The additional money was for her to come over to his place and help him prepare vegetable soup and also teach him, to which she agreed.

But after he sent her the money, she didn't show up and when he asked, she gave an excuse on why she couldn't come over while also begging him to skip the appointment till the next weekend.

Immediately, the guy requested for her to refund his money and she took it personally and started to insult him.

Read the chats below, as shared on SDZ.

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