Man Cries Out After Over 530K Was ‘Fraudulently Withdrawn’ From His First Bank Account
Bode Blaq

Man Cries Out After Over 530K Was ‘Fraudulently Withdrawn’ From His First Bank Account

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Bode Blaq, a Nigerian singer, is currently battling hard to get the attention of First Bank after his money was allegedly withdrawn from his savings account without his knowledge.

According to him, over 530 thousand naira was withdrawn from his account without his approval by someone he suspects of having inside access.

Bode claims to operate a savings account, which he never activated USSD transactions on, has no ATM card and no bank app.

He shared a receipt of the transactions which has been going on without his knowledge, as he called for help from the general public.

"Guys, I need help because I want First Bank to give me my money! I operate a savings account that I use to save money, no ATM Card, I never activated USSD transaction on the account & no bank app & somehow N534,000 was fraudulently withdrawn. Pls, help RT🙏🏾Cc @segalink @cenbank," he tweeted before following it up with details.

"Apparently, someone else has been transferring money out of my account using the *894# USSD code to a first bank account totalling the aforementioned amount after deactivating alerts to the only number I had linked to that account.

"After much pressure from me, the bank only gave me a name and a complaint tracking number and aren’t saying anything else.

"I strongly believe a first bank insider is working with the fraudsters because the fraudsters apparently added another number and could tell that there were not enough measures to quickly uncover their fraudulent acts.

"This has been going on since July 24 till I found out Nov 18th 2019. how else do you explain it!!?!! Attached below are details of the transactions. Cc @cenbank @segalink," he concluded before sharing the receipts.

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