5 Things An Expectant Dad Should Avoid Doing In The Labour Room
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5 Things An Expectant Dad Should Avoid Doing In The Labour Room

Titilayo Ilori

Being an expectant parent can be overwhelming. It is full of anxiety and lots of pressure at the same time.

Oftentimes, men follow their wives to the hospital during labour in order to stand by. While at it, there are things you must avoid for the sake of the mother and child. These things include:

1. Criticizing her

Some men are fond of comparing their wives to other women. They might say something like, "Mrs David's delivery was quick and easy, why is yours different?" Always remember that each woman has her own method of delivery and what works for another woman might not work for her.

2.  Sleeping instead of supporting

It is not easy to fight sleep for a long time, especially if your wife has a delay or if she goes into prolonged labour. But you must avoid sleeping. Try to stay awake and stand by her until she delivers the baby.

3. Giving in to distractions

Some men will follow their wives to the labour ward and get carried away with their phone, forgetting they are in the hospital to give support. You should avoid being distracted by anything whatsoever and give your wife your full attention.

Now is not the time to play your favourite game. You should remember you are there for a reason. You should not be seen with your phone except when you need to make an emergency call.

4.  Adding to her stress

Some women can be aggressive during labour, and as a man, if you are not the patient type, you will end up arguing with her. This is not good for her health. In order to avoid this, stay calm and ignore anything she says that can upset you and just be supportive.

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