Report Police Officers/Stations That Prevent You From Recording Their Atrocities - Segalink
Segun Awosanya

Report Police Officers/Stations That Prevent You From Recording Their Atrocities - Segalink

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Popular human rights activist, Segun Awosanya, popularly known as Segalink, has put out new channels for citizens to make complaints about extortions and other atrocities committed by men of the Nigerian police.

Perhaps reacting to something that had transpired between himself and a top-ranked officer of the force, the social commentator who is known to spearhead several protests and activism against bad policing took to his Twitter page to make a thread on the matter.

"Kindly report any police officer or police station that violates your rights for recording their atrocities on your phone, " he began the lengthy thread.

"It is time they realize the society is watching their every move & will no longer condone their brutality & abuse of power.

"08057000001 or 08057000002 call any of the numbers and report. Carry us along @SIAF_NG @citizen_gavel @AcpIshaku @PoliceNG_CRU There are thousands of messages in DMs and no doubt many will slip through the cracks. We have no security vote or billions in monthly allocation.

"Invest in BodyCams & spy pens. If you need to visit police stations. Any police station that threatens to charge your case to court just to intimidate you on a case that is an obvious violation of your rights must be reported with tangible evidence. Let’s start shutting them down.

"We will create a channel strictly for this and populate the data on the map to show prevalence of corrupt practices of our police for the world to see how crime has been institutionalized in Nigeria. It is time the world read our stories as curated by us.

"I spent hours yesterday lecturing an entire police unit in Ibadan via phone. A DPO was boasting of traveling abroad and coming back with medals. I asked if she was abusing the rights of people where she earned her laurels. I asked why it’s hard to apply the same caution at home.

"How can any sane trained officer insist that because they recovered arms from a bike carrying two passengers, every bike carrying two passengers must be indicted and subjected to oppression? Is this policing? Why are they so crude and primitive despite the alleged training?

"I asked them to show me where it was stated in our laws that it is a crime to record a police officer on duty. If you’re doing your duty according to the law, why should you worry about who is recording you? I’m a private citizen, people take my pictures & record when I show up.

"We are our own insurer. It simply proves that the entire police structure is an organized crime syndicate should they insist that a phone is now a weapon of mass destruction. No police officer should remain in the system if they can’t stand accountability. They must comply!

"If things don’t improve in a month from now we will seek the extension of the travel ban to all uniformed personnel in Nigeria. All treaties and pact will be suspended until these rogues are purged and the system realize they are meant to serve the people and not oppress them.”

He also left a link for members of the public who have been extorted, violated or abused by rogue units of the police simply because of their devices, to click on to join a class action.

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