Man and Woman
Man and Woman

4 Best Ways To Keep A Man Interested

Efizy Ranti

It is quite challenging to find the right man who is a perfect match. It is even more challenging to keep the man interested. Men want someone desirable to them but still admired by many. So don't adjust your life completely.

Here are four best ways you can keep a man interested in you.

1. Show appreciation for the things he does for you

You have to show your man you are grateful for even the most little things he does for you. The fact that you notice his small efforts will make him like you even more. Don't make him think that you take him for granted.

2. Be a partner

Do not allow yourself to be a one night stand or just a booty call. When out having dinners, offer to settle the bill once in a while or at least split it. You can even ask him out to an event which you have to pay for the tickets. Such things will make you stand out. The man will have confidence in you and your ability to establish a stable relationship.

3. Dress admirably and always wear sweet-scented perfumes

Although your character may make you stand out, a good outfit will also make you stand out. Wear outfits that make men ogle when you pass by, but make sure it is decent and elegant. Let your man feel proud as he walks with you. Nothing will make a guy more interested in you than the fact that other guys wish they can have you.

4. Don't play hard to get for too long

Although acting unavailable is a good way of keeping the man coming after you, don't overdo it. Let him know you are interested. Don't make him work too hard to get your attention. Try to match his commitment level; don't let him feel like he is the only interested party.

Keeping a man interested is not that hard. Provided you remain yourself, be confident, and compliment him once in a while. Be independent, but still let him know that you need him in your life, be spontaneous.

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