Healthy breakfast
Healthy breakfast

4 Healthy Food Habits Children Should Cultivate

Margaret Solace

Eating well can support a child’s health, growth and development into adulthood. It may even help with depression. Eating healthy helps with building children’s bones and immune system. A healthy diet can help a child manage the symptoms of diseases and regain control of their health.

You should substitute that bowl of ice cream for a much healthier snack of fruits and healthy smoothies. The sooner you introduce wholesome nutrition to your children’s diet, the faster they develop a great relationship with healthy food. Here are healthy food habits you should help your kids cultivate.

1. Encourage specific foods

It is time to introduce wholesome foods in your child’s diet. Introduce foods that are close to their natural form and discourage packaged, processed foods.

2. Add vegetables

More vegetables, no danger! Teach them how to eat carrots, potatoes, apple, and cabbage, because they need it. You do not have to be boring about it. Add some colour to their plates. This will make them want to eat.

3. Reduce fast foods

Unhealthy fat and sugar should not be part of your children’s lives. Make food in bulk and store in the fridge. There are some healthy snacks to munch on during movies, games e.t.c.

4. Limit portion sizes

Do not bribe or reward kids with food. They will get used to it and such habits are usually hard to break, especially if you give them candy all the time.

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