“Hair Business Is Not A Crowded Space If You’re Good At What You Do,” Says CEO CM Hair By Hills
Obumneme Nkechinyere Patience

“Hair Business Is Not A Crowded Space If You’re Good At What You Do,” Says CEO CM Hair By Hills

Obumneme Nkechinyere has carved a niche in hair business doing what she truly loves.

Pearl Emmanuel

Obumneme Nkechinyere Patience is the CEO of Custom Made Hair by Hills, known popularly as CM Hair By Hills.

The young CEO, wife and mom-of-two hails from Enugu State and is an engineering graduate from IMT, Enugu State.


Obumneme, like most Nigerian youths after graduating from the tertiary institution, needed a source of income and a means to make a contribution to society. She searched within herself and reminisced on her love for beautifying other women.

This birthed her hair business in Abuja during her service year in 2013 and CM Hair was legally registered in 2015. According to the CEO, she named her business CM Hair by Hills because she had carved a niche to sell only the best human hairs, otherwise known as pure donor human hairs, to her clients.

The CEO of CM Hair agrees that hair business is competitive in Nigeria. According to her, only less than 1% of hair vendors in Nigeria sell donor hairs. The rest sell different grades of premium hairs which do not necessarily last long.

Her business growth stems from two pivotal factors which she says are a part of her business strategy.

The first is influencer marketing, she insists. Obumneme reveals that her sales multiplied outrageously in 2018 when she started collaborating with influencers on social media.

Obumneme believes every woman is her target audience and this led to her second strategy, which is implementing a flexible payment plan to all customers interested in owning hair from CM Hairs by Hills.

Her motivation and satisfaction from selling hairs are derived from the testimonials she has enjoyed from customers who keep coming back to patronise her and have helped market her products over the years.

She reveals that she has had customers call her after five years to tell her about how they still own hair she sold to them years ago and the hair was still in great condition.

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