Dr R.A. Aranmolate
Dr R.A. Aranmolate

Watch Dr R.A. Aranmolate Of Grandville Medical And Laser’s Insightful Interview 

Dr R.A. Aranmolate of Grandville Medical and Laser takes us on a profound journey into the world of cosmetic surgery in this interview with Happenings TV.  


Dr R.A. Aranmolate, CEO of Grandville Medical and Laser, talks beauty, reconstruction, and saving lives through surgery in this interview.

Insisting that his procedures are not strictly for beauty enhancement purposes, the cosmetic surgeon says, “If my work will require that I should save the life of a patient, I’ll definitely do what I have to do as a surgeon. There are principles that guide everything we do in surgery. So I’ll do what I have to do. I’ll follow the principles.”

Thus, correcting actual defects and saving lives are the main objectives of some of his procedures.

Watch the video below:

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