Pregnant woman
Pregnant woman

Nigeria Loses 68,000 Women To Childbirth Complications Yearly

Austin Papi

Professor Dolapo Lufadeju, the National Coordinator, Rotary International Project on National Family Planning Campaign, has declared that Nigeria is currently losing at least 68,000 women yearly as a result of pregnancy, and childbirth complications.

Lufadeju, who made this disclosure on Thursday during the South West family planning Campaign project in Ibadan also said that the number represents 23 per cent of the entire world death as a result of pregnancy and childbirth complications.

His statement in full;

“This implies that for every five women that died as a result of pregnancy and childbirth complications, one is a Nigerian. This statistics is quite scary, and the Rotary International is upset about it.

“Rotary International being an organisation with a national network of volunteers that mobilise and create awareness in communities, will do community dialogue, training, among others to reduce maternal and childbirth mortality.

“We are in South West for the meeting to bring stakeholders together to plan and strategise on steps to be taken over the next three years to reduce maternal and childbirth death."

However, to tackle this disturbing survey, Dr Lufadeju has informed reporters that Rotary International is partnering with the Society of Gynaecologists and Obstetrics of Nigeria (SOGON), and the Ministry of Health to achieve this objective.

“We will deploy the zeal, commitment, and with rotary standard, we are going to innovate and propose a solution to the challenges.

“We are going to do advocacy in the community, with traditional rulers, political leaders, religious leaders, train doctors, among others.

“We aim to reduce maternal death, and everyone has to know that this issue concerns us all.”

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