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How To Take Care Of Your Skin During The Harmattan Season

Wondering how to survive and get through this harmattan season? You might find this post quite helpful.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

As the festive season approaches, we should also take note that the harmattan season always accompanies it. There is nothing as annoying as having dry white patches on your skin and having your lips dried up to the extent that they peel off and bleed. It’s not a very nice experience.

These are five ways to help protect and alleviate the harsh effects of the harmattan season on your skin.

1. Stay Hydrated Always

Make drinking water regularly a habit, as drinking a lot of water is very important during this season because you will also get hot and thirsty a lot. Drink at least a litre and half measurement of water per day.

2. Moisturise

Go for products that have a high concentration in natural oils and butter like coconut oil, almond oil, and shea butter.

3. Do Not Forget Your Hands, Lips, And Scalps

During the harmattan season, there is a tendency for our hands to get dry quicker, and lips chapped. You can opt for a good lip balm but also try shea butter as it works well and amazingly for all three.

4. Lukewarm Shower Or Bath

Do not use hot water for bathing during this period as it strips the skin of its natural barrier and aggravates the dryness. Instead, use lukewarm water to take your bath.

5. Exercise Regularly

Exercise helps to maintain a healthy body and mind and releases unwanted toxins from the body, thereby helping the skin glow, which can also prevent dryness.

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