Mareme Edeit
Mareme Edeit

I Am A Pornstar, Not A Prostitute! —Mareme Edet 

Pearl Emmanuel

Mareme Edeit, who is popularly known as Uglygalz and calls herself Nigeria's walking porn, might be a rising porn actress in Nollywood, but she asserts that many people prefer to see her as a prostitute.

In an exclusive interview with Pulse, she stated: “I am a porn actress, I do adult entertainment movies or what is called porn films. I have been called a sex worker several times. People mistake me for those who have sex for money. I am an actress first and foremost and I get paid for acting aside enjoying what I do. Again, I have an opinion on who I choose to act with, there are protocols and several people are on the set but many people don’t see it this way, they still feel, it’s money for sex.

“Often, I get calls from unknown men demanding sex from me. I recently got a call from a man, who said he got my number from my website and wanted to have sex with me for two rounds and I got so irritated that I just ended the call and blocked the number.”

As at 2014, Mareme had slept with over a 100 men and had been verified not only as a porn actress but also a producer on a popular x-rated website.

She recalled: “As of 2014, I have had sex with over 100 men. Please, let’s not talk about it (laughs) but it’s not up to 1000 but getting close to 1000.

“I remember when I was 17, I used to have this book, where I wrote down the names of people I have had sex with and the situation that led to the sex and my sister’s husband saw the book and he flogged me mercilessly,” she revealed.

She went on about how she had sex with people in the past before she decided to go into acting. “I enjoy teasing and making guys have a hard-on,” she said,

“I almost got expelled from school for having sex with my principal. I was the one who actually lured him into it and later, people got to find out and I was almost expelled but in my university days, I willingly traded sex for grades especially for courses I found hard passing.”

Her parents found out about her acting career after a couple of videos went viral. Surprisingly, she maintained, her family have been supportive and have always been there to encourage her. She attributed this to the fact that her dad isn't a Nigerian and as such "don't really think like Nigerians" do.

“Funny enough my dad isn’t really a Nigerian - his mum is Ghanaian and his dad Scottish - so, I think, we don’t really think like Nigerians. They respected my decisions and understand that I am not killing or harming anyone,” she stated.

“They actually found out through a relative who challenged me when he found out about my site. So, I was trying to defend myself but he said he was going to tell my parents and finally, he told my brother-in-law, who later told my sisters and then told my mum and later my dad found out. They have been supportive because they know it’s my decision.”

The actress went on to talk about how lucrative the adult movie industry is, saying, “Adult movie business is profitable and actors or actresses can earn between $3,000 to $10,000 for a 5 minutes long video."

“Porn in Nigeria is still in hypocritic stages. We are now pushing for it to become an industry where the actors and actresses will be bold enough and totally professional about it. We are yet to have professional porn stars in Nigeria.”

Ironically, the actress’ mum wanted her to be a reverend sister.

“I would have been a reverend sister if I didn’t opt for porn. My mum will be so proud of me because she would have loved me to be a reverend sister. Not that she’s ashamed of me but you know when you desire for your child to be a doctor but she chose to be a lawyer, the level of pride is different,” she stated.

In an Instagram post where she referred to herself as “Nigeria's walking porn”, she pointed out that the most important thing is to "enjoy your life -to be happy- it's all that matters."

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