Justin Ugonna
Justin Ugonna

It Is Impossible To Please Everyone - Instagram Comedian, Justin Ugonna

Pearl Emmanuel

Popular Instagram comedian, Chukwudi Justin Ugonna, also known as Justin UG, is a forex trader, fashion entrepreneur and an entertainer.

In a recent interview, the undergraduate of Information Technology, Georgia Southern University, United States, revealed that creating content is one of his biggest talents.

While addressing the challenges he has faced since he started creating content on Instagram, Ugonna stated: "First, I find it hard to put out content that I feel would be good for everyone. I want to please everyone and I sometimes forget that it is not possible to do so. Like when you post a video, and you see that not everyone likes it, you realize that it's life, you can never please everyone.

“Also, creative block is another challenge. Sometimes you just don't know what to create or how to go about it, but then I have come to realize that it is normal, so I don't really panic.”

The comedian, who was born in Imo State, Nigeria, also shared his thoughts on the Nigerian entertainment industry, stating that it is rapidly growing and has evolved over the years.

“People outside Nigeria are beginning to know about Nigerian entertainment industry; from music to comedy to dance and other things. The Zanku dance, for example, was at a point trending all over the world. Many Nigerian artistes are celebrated worldwide, which is a big thing for Nigerians and our entertainment industry,” he said.

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