Cardi B
Cardi B

Cardi B Misses Nigeria Barely 48 Hours After Leaving The Country

Pearl Emmanuel

Cardi B has returned to the United States of America but still can't seem to get over her visit to Nigeria.

Barely 48 hours after leaving the country, the American rapper admits that she already misses the country. Perhaps she would love to have another round of the excitement and taste Nigerian Jollof rice yet again.

The rapper took to her Instagram stories on Tuesday morning to share a post of herself performing in Nigeria, where she was dressed in green and white. The post came with the caption: "Missing Nigeria."

One thing we are certain about is, she had a memorable time in the country and Nigerians were thrilled to have her in their midst.

The rapper might be visiting Nigeria again soon since she has a newfound love for the country, which she says feels like the Dominican republic.

Cardi B spent the weekend in Nigeria for the Livespot X Concert. While she was in the country, she adopted the name, Chioma B.

Recall that the rapper posted a series of videos of herself in her hotel room. In one of the videos she shared on her Instagram page, the rapper talked about not wanting to have the hotel food but preferred to eat the real Nigerian Jollof rice.

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