Nigerian soldier
Nigerian soldier

“SARS Is Unprofessional!” Nigerian Soldier Laments

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

It would seem that even the military personnel are not spared of the constant harassments of citizens by SARS operatives across the country.

On Saturday, a soldier with the Nigerian Army took to the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, to narrate how the leader of a SARS team in Enugu threatened to kill him and frame him up to cover the murder.

According to the soldier, he had boarded a commercial bus in Enugu earlier this year while he was on pass after spending over a year and a half in Maiduguri fighting insurgency when the incident happened.

Read his narration of events from that encounter with the SARS officers:

"SARS is the most unprofessional team of the Nigerian police. Here's my experience as a Nigerian Soldier, " the soldier began.

"Earlier this year the commercial bus I boarded in Enugu along 9th mile area was stopped by SARS operatives mounting an illegal check point. thread.

"They requested money from the driver and the guy said he's just starting business, I was on civil dress because I'm on pass, the operatives ordered everyone to come down, they started searching people's phone, I went up to the one that's supposed to be their boss.

"I went up to their boss & identified myself as a soldier on pass from north East, he said "And So?", I went further & said I'm in a hurry that he should please release Dis driver, he got upset and threatened to Shot me, he said he'll frame me that I wanted to disarm him.

"I was shocked how things escalated so fast, I was calm down, he said I shouldn't tell him anything that he's in his duty post and I don't any right to tell him anything. I could see his rifle was already cocked and his Safety catch was on Rapid.

"His boys was already dishing out unsolicited soaps to the young man I was sitting Close to, he was on full beards, with the hand band he wore I think he's a student of ESUT. I Was really hurt for many reasons

"I can't spend 1 and half year in Maiduguri in good health only to come home on pass and be shot by a reckless police man,I was hurt because I can't imagine risking my life in the North East protecting my country only for my own family to be harassed in this manner.

"The Operatives didn't talk to me or request for my phone. I was there still trying to solicit for the passengers but the oga was playing God, I became really angry and called my colleague on patrol along that NSUKKA road.

"When their boss saw I was really upset and I've started making calls he ordered his boys to return the car key to the driver, in some minutes I could sight the army patrol hilux heading through my direction, immediately the SARS boss ordered his men to enter their Bus.

"They sped off, plying the STAR BREWERY route and went straight to EKE, my colleagues got there and I explained what happened and they promised to get them. I have been on duty even in maiduguri with MOPOLS and they've never acted in such a reckless manner.

"All of you under this thread just want to read gist while you sit on your couch leg crossed, you'll trend the hashtag for 2days and afterwards TACHA will start trending and everything will be forgotten, 3months later. REPEAT!... good luck!”

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