Christmas fashion
Christmas fashion

Ladies! See Amazing Fashion Tips For The Yuletide Season

Take a look at some lovely fashion tips for you to slay and pepper them this Christmas season.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

It’s that time of the year again and the streets are already being decorated with glittering lights and décor, interesting events are being held every day, business owners are crashing the prices of their goods and engaging in massive sales to sell off old stock and prepare to receive fresh stock for the New Year.

Families and individuals are getting ready to travel to their villages to see parents and extended families that they have not seen throughout the year. The energy in the air and the smiles on the faces of people is also a sign that we are in that festive mood once again where there will be lots of eating and drinking, outings, parties to attend, gifts to give and receive, boxes of knockouts and bangers to ignite and a whole lot more to enjoy.

As we celebrate the season and enjoy ourselves, we should also not forget to bring our slay game on, as this will be the best time to show off all those new and stylish outfits you have been keeping for special occasions.

To slay and show off your inner fashionista this festive season, take note of these wonderful tips below.

1. Go Red or Go Home

That’s right! Red is the key colour of this season and it will be at every corner you turn to this period. It will be practically staring you in the face. Red is also a colour that signifies boldness, confidence, strength, liveliness, festivity and it screams “HOT!” Invest in jumpsuits, playsuits, short dresses, maxi dresses, shorts, handbags, jewellery and accessories in this amazing colour. You can even dye your hair red, wine or ox-blood if you are bold enough.

2. Wear Dressy Casual

Dress up your casual wear if you are going for a Christmas garden party, hangout at the beach, a casual date or even a shopping trip alone or with your girls. Wear stylish playsuits, shorts and tops, jeans and stylish tops and pair them with lovely accessories, jewellery, flat sandals, flat shoes or sneakers and carry a stylish hold on bag or handbag to put your phones, cash, ATM cards, car keys, if any, tissue, sanitary pad, deodorant etc in.

3. Up Your Shoe Game

Shoes! Yeah right! Shoes can make or break an outfit. This season, try to do some shoe shopping and splurge if you can afford it. You only live once. Invest in stylish flat sandals, flat shoes, hot heels, especially in red, sneakers etc.

4. Get Stylish Outfits

Other colours that resonate with the season are gold, white, green, silver, bronze. So, you can invest in stylish outfits in any of these colours and slay in them to any hangouts, parties or get-togethers you are having this season and feel like the fashion queen that you are all through.

5. Take Care of your Skin

Your skin should also be a priority this season, as you will be wearing lovely clothes on it. It will be a shame if it doesn’t look presentable enough. Go without make up for a few days or even a week so your skin can breathe. Exfoliate, do a total body scrub, clean your skin, visit a spa if you can afford it. Go online and search for natural skincare solutions to bring out your skin’s inner glow this season.

6. Take Care of your Hair

Hair is everything. This is the season to rock all the hot hairstyles saved in your phone gallery for special occasions from the beginning of the year. Pick one or two of them and meet your hairstylist to give you a new and festive look. You can even work with your natural hair. Now is the time to go bald, wear dreads or rock that Mohawk style. It’s Christmas, so look your best.

7. Brighten up those Nails

What is the current state of your nails? Most of the time, we tend to ignore our nails and focus on grooming other parts of our body. Nails can actually make a big fashion statement when properly cared for. Book an appointment with your nail technician this season and get a total nail makeover. Get a pedicure done, clean your fingernails and toenails thoroughly and wear two different bold and unique colours on them. You can also fix artificial nails just to make them look more elegant.

8. Slay in Confidence

Confidence! That inner sense of contentment will always reflect through and everyone around you will recognize it. No matter how stylish and hot you look this season, if you are not happy and confident in yourself on the inside, something will look out of place and off about your appearance. Therefore, slay and rock the fashion scene in confidence this season and prepare for a better, brighter and more fashionable New Year.

Don’t be scared to be brave this season in your fashion game. It’s about time to step it up.

Happy Holidays!

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