4 Reasons Why You Should Sleep Next To Someone You Love
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4 Reasons Why You Should Sleep Next To Someone You Love

Titilayo Ilori

As much as we need food, air, and water to stay alive, we also need good sleep to be able to function properly.

According to researchers, it is healthy to sleep close to someone you truly love. This has a positive impact on your health. See the amazing benefits of sleeping next to someone you love below.

1. It boosts the immune system

Sharing a bed with someone you are in love with means a lot. This can lead to romance and lovemaking. Regular lovemaking has a positive impact on one's health. It prevents you from cold and boosts the immune system. It also makes the body healthier.

2. It improves your sleeping pattern

Sharing a bed with a partner you truly love will help you sleep fast and improve your sleeping pattern. It will also make you feel secure and relaxed. It can help you regulate your body temperature, especially if both of you share one blanket.

3. It reduces stress

Sharing a bed with someone you love helps you get rid of stress, because of the oxytocin that will be released in the process. These hormones are known to reduce anxiety, and when your stress level is low, you are protected from any heart-related issues

4.  It reduces the risk of body inflammation

Cytokines are the main causes of pains and body inflammation, but sleeping beside someone you love reduces your stress level.

It also reduces aging, and cuddling, constant lovemaking with someone you love can make you look younger than your age.

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