Online Safety
Online Safety

5 Important Things You Should Never Put Online

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

The advent of information technology and social media has made it very easy to connect with people from anywhere in the world. However, there’s still a lot of bad things that can happen when sensitive information about you is carelessly shared online.

We are in the 21st century, the digital age where over 3 billion people use the internet and over 2 billion people use social media.

It has also become a popular culture to share and post things on social media.

Here are five information about you that shouldn't be shared online for security reasons.

1. Your personal information

You do not need to publicize personal information such as your date of birth, full name, address, and email address. Keep them personal except for business purposes.

2. Your phone number

Putting your phone number in public will get you into trouble as it will expose you to all kinds of scam and hackers online. This is only necessary for online business purposes so your clients can reach you.

3. Your business or financial status

Do not put this online as it can attract fraudsters, opportunists, etc.

4. Your travel plans

Do not forget that social media is full of different kinds of people, therefore, you don't have to share your plans for leaving town online. You can be stalked, and possibly harmed.

5. Your IMEI number

If you don't want to be tracked, do not share your International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) online. It doesn't make sense to make this piece of information public.

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