A house help 
A house help 

5 Vital Things To Take Note Of If You Have House Helps

Do you have house helps or nannies in your home that help take care of your kids and help out with the house chores? You need to read this post.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

We are all aware of what some house helps go through in the hands of their 'madams' or bosses.

We are also aware of how some house helps maltreat the kids left in their custody and do unimaginable things to them.

Some of them go to the extent of kidnapping and abducting their bosses’ children or even killing their employers and making away with their valuables.

If you have any house help working for you or someone related to you, please try to make life bearable for them and yourself. If you treat them well, they will end up being better individuals, and also take good care of wards left in their custody.

1. Give them an education

Most house helps decided to become what they are because they badly wanted education. Education is the best legacy you can give them. If you refuse to educate them, then you are limiting them to a life of servitude. Contribute to their future by giving them an education.

2. Give them enough quality food

Feeding your house helps well puts them in a better state of mind. Do not starve them or make them look hungry. Treat them like you will your biological children.

3. Protect them

It is your responsibility to protect your house help just like you will yourself and your children as many of them have been known to suffer all sorts of abuse from employers and even outsiders too.

Treat your house help humanly as he or she is human too and has equal rights as a fellow human just like you.

4. Let them be free with you

Let them be assured that they have an adult who can listen to and understand them so that they can feel free to open up to you at any time if they have any issues they are dealing with.

5. Don't discriminate

Make it a habit to always make sure your house helps smile because their happiness is equally as important as yours or your children's.

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