5 Silly Mistakes Women Make In New Relationships
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5 Silly Mistakes Women Make In New Relationships

Titilayo Ilori

Being in a new relationship can be overwhelming sometimes. There are mistakes women make that might end up pushing their new man away. These mistakes are listed below and can be avoided.

1. Spilling out vital information

Sometimes, it is advisable not to let your new partner know much about you until your relationship is older. Be careful what you tell him if you are both new to each other.

2. Giving him an attitude

Some women like to play hard to get when they are in a new relationship. Whether you succumb immediately or you give him an attitude, this does not guarantee a long-lasting happy relationship. If you are not careful, you might end up losing him.

3. Being unable to define the relationship

Your inability to tell your man what you want and do not want before moving forward is another mistake women make. You should set boundaries. Let him know before you decide to continue with the relationship.

4. Disturbing him with calls and SMSes

It is normal to call your man to check up on him once in a while, but be careful not to overdo it. He might end up seeing you as a desperate woman.

5. Disrespecting him

No matter how young a man is, he deserves some respect. Do not say he does not because the age difference is not much.

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