Daddy Freeze
Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze Calls Out Music Stars Who Wear Fake Designer Clothes 

Pearl Emmanuel

Daddy Freeze is at it again, but this time, his guns are pointed at celebrities who wear fake designer clothes but complain about their contents being pirated.

The media personality seems to agree with music star, Timaya, who said a few days ago that he hated being compared to other Nigerian celebrities because they wear fake designer outfits.

Here is what Daddy Freeze had to say about the singer’s comment.

“Hate chulo all you want but he spoke the damn truth. I can never forget the fake HUBLOT on the wrist of one of those protesting against piracy or the Fake Richard MILLE on the wrist of a timid celeb.

“The friends to tailors part might have been misunderstood though. I support NIGERIAN Tailors and I wear them proudly.

“But the fake Fendi gang’s got to go extinct this year guys, we can’t keep selling the fake it till you make it BS, act your wage guys!

“95% of celebs wear fake watches, about 80% wear fake shoes and clothes, while they are crying out that their work is pirated, that in my opinion defines hypocrisy.

“You dey pirate Gucci work but you no wan make dem touch your song. You dey wear fake Rolex wey you buy for traffic, come dey vex say dem dey sell your movie for the same traffic, you be cow, maaluu. ~FRZ,” he wrote on Instagram.

There are lessons to be learnt from the media personality’s post. First is "act your wage" and the second is, do to others what you want them to do to you.

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