Muhammad Babandede
Muhammad Babandede

Immigration Officers To Undergo Drug Tests

Austin Papi

Mr Muhammad Babandede, Comptroller-General of Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), has announced that all officers under the flagship of the agency will be required to undergo drugs tests to verify their mental vigilance while on duty.

Mr Muhammad disclosed that these drug tests will be the first stage of rejuvenating the Immigration service, as the results will help determine eligible members of the service. The Comptroller-General vows to start the drug test with himself.

He made this assertion on Saturday, during the passing-out parade of the 3rd Conversion Course of 509 graduands at the Immigration Training School, Kano.

“It is not only that we are Nigerians, but we have also been empowered with weapons to protect our country and territorial borders. If we don’t have a strategy to remove the syndrome of drug abuse from our officers, it will be very dangerous for us.

“I hope all other law enforcement will do the same. You cannot give arms to people who take drugs. So, the best thing you can do is to start checking the situation.”

“When we found you to have drugs in your blood, we will rehabilitate you, we will guide you on how to stop it. We will conduct another test, and I assure you by the time when we do three tests if the person is not changing, it means, that person cannot work with us.

“If in the first test we carry out and we find out that you have high blood in you, we cannot give you weapons. You cannot have contact with weapons at all, this is very important in terms of national security because the government buys arms for us and we cannot use the same arms against our people, that is fundamental.

“You know, President Muhammadu Buhari just inaugurated a Committee on drug abuse. We are Nigerians. Every immigration officer is Nigerian. We are around 28, 000 immigration officers who are all Nigerians,” his statement read.

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