15 Lovely Christmas-Inspired Names For Girls
Beautiful baby girl

15 Lovely Christmas-Inspired Names For Girls

Are you expecting a baby girl this Christmas season or do you know anyone who just gave birth to a baby girl? Take a look at some beautiful names for girls that you can choose from.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

Christmas is here again.

The Christmas vibes begin from the first day of December and there is a lot to celebrate during this time, like love, family, survival and life. Most of all, we celebrate newness and the birth of Jesus Christ. Many African mothers will give birth this period. These are some lovely Christmas-inspired names for girls.

1. Avery

Someone with this name can be qualified with these words: gorgeous, awesome, funny and amazing. The name means ‘elf.’

2. Astra

It means 'star'. This name can be traced back to the star that led the wise men to where Jesus was born.

3. Bianca

Bianca means 'white', 'shiny' and 'fair.'

4. Beth

Beth is a short form of Elizabeth, which means ‘God is my oath’, and Bethany which means ‘house of figs.’ Beth also means house.

5. Celeste

This girl's name is of Latin origin and it means 'heavenly.'

6. Emmanuelle

This is a French feminine name, which means ‘God with us.’

7. Esther

Esther is a Hebrew name that means ‘star.’

8. Gabriella

This is the feminine form of the Hebrew name, Gabriel, which means 'God is my strength.' Gabriel was the angel that took the good news of Jesus' conception and birth around.

9. Gloria

Gloria means ‘glory.’

10. Jeannette

Jeannette is a French name that means ‘God is gracious.’

11. Lucy

Lucy means 'light' or 'shiny.'

12. Natasha

Natasha is a Russian name, which means 'Christmas' or 'born on Christmas day.'

13. Noel

Noel means 'a Christmas Carol', a song played on Christmas day.

14. Stella

This name is of Latin origin and it means ‘star.’

15. Tiffany

Tiffany is a Greek name, which means ‘God's appearance.’

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