5 Ways To Spend The Christmas Holiday

5 Ways To Spend The Christmas Holiday

Wondering how to get your groove on and enjoy your Detty December this holiday? Here are some options below.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

How would you be spending the Christmas holiday?

Do you want to travel to your rural home or abroad? If you are not sure what to do this Christmas, here are a few interesting options you can choose from.

1. Visit a museum, park, recreational centre or the zoo

You can visit a museum to learn about history. If you are looking for relaxation, a park is right for you. Take a trip to the Lekki Conservation Center or Lufasi Park where you can enjoy the beauty of nature or read in the library.

2. Invite friends over and chill

Christmas is usually the time to meet up with old friends, people you have not seen in a long time or even ordinary friends. Play cards, games, see movies and let everyone bring something along. You can play a fun game or karaoke or listen to a song.

3. Give back to the community or volunteer

This season is the best time to show love and to share it with people who are not so lucky to have the love of family or even food. You can visit orphanages, prisons or volunteer in your ward or church. You can open a special kitchen for Christmas and you can show love to the less privileged by cooking and serving them.

4. Attend music concerts, end of the year parties and more

Your favourite artists may have music concerts coming up this season. Check their social media handles to see the day of the concert and buy tickets or even win free tickets for concerts, performances or other festive events.

5. Stay at home and avoid traffic

In the past few weeks, traffic in Lagos has been poor. People complain that they get home late, especially if everyone is trying to move from one direction to another. It still has not gotten better. If you do not want to be on the road for 5 hours, simply just stay at home. You can celebrate and have fun with your neighbours and attend church service.

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