Ronke Raji’s Second Pregnancy Has Got Twitter Users Talking 
Ronke Raji

Ronke Raji’s Second Pregnancy Has Got Twitter Users Talking 

Pearl Emmanuel

Barely seven months after Ronke Raji, and her husband, Arthur, welcomed their first child, she has set tongues on social media wagging by announcing that she is expecting another child.

The Vlogger shared a photo of herself showing off her baby bump in a beautiful white dress. According to the caption that came with the photo on Instagram, the dress was sewn by her.

However, the news of her pregnancy was what got her trending on Twitter, as users of the social media platform were of the opinion that it was too early for the Vlogger to be pregnant a second time.

Some urged the Vlogger to use post pills which should not be mistaken for abortion pills.

One Twitter user wrote: "Didn’t even know who Ronke Raji was...had to google her.

“But 2 pregnancies in the space of 17 months, sister you like preeq gan ooo😏

“Zero chills for breaks 🙌🏻🙌🏻."

A few others were of the opinion that her pregnancy should not be of concern to anyone; after all, she is a married woman.

Another Twitter user, with the handle @TheOloriherself, wrote: "So Ronke Raji is trending because she's preggers for baby number 2 and people are laughing at her?? Like laughing?? Married woman o.

“Her womb, her tummy, her uterus, her fallopian tubes...Her business o!👏🏽

“See fertility at it's peak💪🙌🏾"

Read some more comments below:

@lollypeezle wrote: "You are laughing at Ronke Raji, a married woman because she’s carrying her own second child with her own womb after getting the dick with her own pussy. 😮

“You are not even sure if u are fertile, everytime, don’t cum inside me o. They have been cuming inside, oo gbo pa oo gbo po."

Raji’s first child, Amari, was born sometime in June 2019.

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