Sophia Momodu Reacts To Davido’s Ghana Trip Statement
Sophia Momodu

Sophia Momodu Reacts To Davido’s Ghana Trip Statement

Pearl Emmanuel

Right after Davido explained why he allowed Sophia Momodu to fly with him to Ghana, the baby mama has reacted.

It appears that Davido's statement did not go down well with Sophia, for she fired back at her daughter's father, saying that she never asked him for a lift as he commented.

Davido had said, "I simply gave her a lift to Ghana for the sake of Imade who I didn't want left in Lagos without her mom. It was either that or she fly economy."

Reacting to this, she said: "I’m bout to burn this whole sh*t down cos I never asked for a lift."

Tweeps have now made this matter a point of discussion. Some are of the opinion that the artist disrespected the mother of his first child in the statement.

A Twitter user, with the handle @sharewithmenow, said: "Davido has disrespected Sophia enough, disrespected her family called dele momodu his boy....

“I never thought I'd ever troll davido.

“Respect the mother of your child regardless of the situation.... you claim Sophia didn't go to school pls what sch did chioma finish from?"

Yet others do not see anything wrong with Davido’s statement.

See a reaction below.

@ObongRoviel wrote; "I’ve read Davido’s explanation on the Sophia and Chioma Topic And I’m still looking for the rude or unnecessary part 🤔

“If he keeps quiet, you’ll still talk

“Now he clears the air, it’s now rude and unnecessary

“Kilo Ko mi."

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