4 Fashion Tips For Women With Pear-Shaped Bodies
The Pear-Shaped Woman

4 Fashion Tips For Women With Pear-Shaped Bodies

Margaret Solace

If you are a woman with a pear-shaped figure, you have fuller hips/rear and a waist wider than your bust. You have narrow shoulders in comparison to your hips.

Finding the right balance when choosing your outfits is important, so you do not end up looking too big. Here are a few tips for you if you have a pear-shaped figure.

1. Pay attention to your tops

If you are the type who loves neon colours, you should try this on your choice of tops. Opt for bright colours, different patterns, go for V necks, scoop necks, cowl necks as tops. The more fitted the tops, the better. It gives a definition around the shoulders and draws attention to your waist.

2. Wear A-line cuts

Pear shapes look awesome in A-line cuts, waist-length jackets and any piece of outerwear that hits mid-thigh. Go for crop tops that can emphasize your waist.

3. Invest in dresses

You should include dresses, maxi gowns in your wardrobe. This will draw people’s attention away from your rear region. This also applies to A-line skirts. You can make/purchase dresses with dramatic sleeves, plunging necklines. They are also comfortable and easy to wear.

4. Choose dark colours

This is an important tip if you do not want all the attention on your outfit. Opt for subtle dark colours for denim trousers and choose bootcuts over straight trousers. This can help to balance proportions.

Do not forget to accessorize your outfits with statement and chunky necklaces, bright and fancy berets, hats or caps. Invest in scarves, sunglasses and other accessories. Always remember to dress comfortably.

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