See Why Cardi B Wants To File For Nigerian Citizenship
Cardi B

See Why Cardi B Wants To File For Nigerian Citizenship

Pearl Emmanuel

After reports of the death of Iran's General, Qaseim Soleimani, in the United States following the drone strike ordered by President Donald Trump, Cardi B has started taking measures to ensure her safety.

General Soleimani is the Commander of the Quds Force and is seen as the third most powerful man in Iran. His death, thus, sparked up third world war rumours.

In a Twitter post, the American singer disclosed her plans to file for Nigerian citizenship.

She tweeted:

“Naaaaa these memes are fvckin… but sh*t ain’t no joke! Specially being from New York. Its sad this man is putting Americans live in danger. Dumbest move Trump did till date… I’m filing for my Nigerian citizenship.”

Reacting to this, Naira Marley offered to help the American rapper throughout the process. He has asked her to submit her full details, tweeting: "Send me your full name and dob."

This is proof that Cardi B enjoyed her stay in Nigeria and Nigerians, as represented by the CEO of Marlian Music, are ever ready to let her in.

Recall that she chose a Nigerian name for herself on her first visit to the country.

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