Money And Women Can Separate Even Twins —Reno Omokri
Reno Omokri

Money And Women Can Separate Even Twins —Reno Omokri

Pearl Emmanuel

Political activist and author, Reno Omokri, in a recent Twitter post shared a fitting illustration of what love of money can do to a relationship.

Citing the Nigerian music stars, Peter and Paul Okoye, as examples, the author noted that women and money are the biggest causes of disputes in families.

The two, formerly known as P Square, were Nigeria's favourite music stars, but they went their separate ways as Rudeboy and Mr P.

According to Omokri, one way to prevent money from coming in between friendships and family is to compartmentalise one's life.

He tweeted:

“Money and women can separate even twins. No need to look too far. Think of PSquare. If you want your brotherhood and friendship to last, compartmentalise your life. Have boundaries between love and financial life separate and family and friendships.”

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