Rema Replies Fan Who Criticized His ‘Lady’ Song Lyrics

Rema Replies Fan Who Criticized His ‘Lady’ Song Lyrics

Pearl Emmanuel

Nigerian music star, Rema, has responded to a Twitter user who criticised the lyrics of his song, ‘Lady.’

The Twitter user, with the handle @daryl_xxl, stated that the fast-rising Nigerian artist is misleading foreigners, making then believe that he composed the lyrics of his hit single, 'Lady', in a Nigerian language.

In response to this, Rema pointed out that those lyrics were not constructed but were inspired by a slang he learned while growing up in Benin.

According to Rema, he will not let “what people will think” limit his creativity. He also urged @darly_xxl to accept the fact that he is confident “in his vibe.”

"I learned all these slangs from my hood in Benin city, they all actually have meaning. I create my sounds freely, I can not limit my creativity because of “what people will think” I’m confident in my vibe, accept it. Thank you,” the music star tweeted.

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