Parents and their child
Parents and their child

5 Ways To Make Bedtime Easier For Your Kids

Margaret Solace

As a parent, you should know that one of the most difficult daily activities of a child is trying to make them sleep. You do not sleep till your kids go to bed and that might be a big hurdle, especially if you have worked all day and your bones and body are crying for rest.

Sleep is as important as food in the human system and if one does not get enough sleep, it might lead to bad mood, stress or a mental breakdown. You might become irritated and that’s no fun for them because they are naturally playful and have gone through a lot of stress during the day.

Children who are always sleep-deprived are more likely to have behavioural problems. They go through a lot of trouble learning and being attentive. Here are ways to make bedtime easier for your kids.

1. Follow a sleep routine

You should set a time for all your kids to go to bed, train them to be ready even before the time. You can pick 9 pm or 10 pm for older children, take them to the shower and prepare them for bed.

2. Deal with sleep troubles

Try to study your kids during the day. Are they sleepy or cranky? Do they look tired? Study them while they sleep, too. Do they have trouble sleeping? Do they roll over continuously during sleep or do they often wake up at night either for a snack or visit to the restroom? Do they snore or stall to sleep? You should know everything so that you can handle it.

3. Maintain your routine

Read to them, let them have their shower earlier than sleep time, tuck them into bed and let them remain in bed. You have to be strict about the time routine you have given them. Let them have control over their own sleep, find out what makes them sleep better and follow the routine.

4. Encourage bedtime snacks

Sometimes, bedtime snacks can make kids sleep better. These snacks can help their bodies stay fueled through the night. They keep them full throughout so they do not wake up at night hungry. However, avoid large meals and snacks because a full stomach can interfere with sleep.

In addition, make your kids’ room comfortable. If they are scared of the dark, make sure there is a dim light in their room to make them more comfortable.

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