Watch The Moment A Mother Reunited With Her Daughter After 13 Years (Video)
Mother and daughter

Watch The Moment A Mother Reunited With Her Daughter After 13 Years (Video)

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

A video capturing the exciting moment a mother reunited with her daughter whom she had not seen in 13 years has gone viral.

It was the young lady's 18th birthday, so the mother who has been apart from her for over a decade decided to pay her a surprise visit at school.

As she stepped out to the car park and opened the back seat of a stationed car, she sighted her mother, screamed in shock and ran off for a bit before running back to embrace her mother, crying.

While she was still catching her breath from the surprise of seeing her mum, she was introduced to her younger brother whom she had never met.

The mother, who shared the video on Instagram, wrote:

"Happy new year people, 2020 will be a glorious year for us??....i will love to share my lovely story with you...After 13 years without seeing my daughter, I finally managed to see her and it was her 18th birthday... it was surprised package ? ? and this was her reaction. She also meet with her brother for the first time...

"To those whose parents have been gone for long, don’t lose hope! Gods timing is the only timing you can trust ?....and to you parents don’t abandon your responsibilities. It will pay back in the end. God bless you all ?.....My Best video clip of the year."

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