6 Ways To Get More Attention On Instagram       

6 Ways To Get More Attention On Instagram       

If you are on Instagram and your followers are in the tens to hundreds, this article is for you.


If you are trying to grow your followers, get more likes or reach the explore page, whether for a personal page or a business page, these tips will help your Instagram page get the attention you seek.

1. Pick a niche

If you’re trying to increase your Instagram following, it’s likely you’re looking for a certain kind of followers. If you are a foodie, you want other foodies to tag along on your food adventures. If you are a music fanatic, you’d want the same crowd. So, whatever your niche may be, exercise, food, church, hangouts, travel spots, always share interesting, eye-catching posts.

2. Post quality pictures only

If they are not your friends, celebrities, or a practical Instagram account, you’re likely following them because you love their pictures. They attracted you with quality snapshots, so put yourself in your prospective followers’ shoes and do the same.

3. Share images people can relate to

If you check out popular Instagram accounts, you will notice all of their photos have something people can relate to and connect with. They’re personal, unique, and original. This is the best way to help your prospective followers feel connected to you.

4. Hashtags are your friends, use them well

Using hashtags is one sure way to get to the explore page and get more people to see your posts. Instagram has limited the number of hashtags you can use per post to 30. Can you use all 30? Why not? Knock yourself out. However, be circumspect in your application, pick hashtags that are highly relevant to your interests, but do not be too lazy and end up using the same hashtags all the time.

5. Be active and follow others

This is simple yet effective. If you want others to follow you, you are going to have to follow them. So, instead of uploading pictures and twiddling your thumbs, expecting a throng of people to come to you, you will have to put yourself out there and be active. Search for users and brands that share your interests and never restrain from dropping comments. Like and share pictures you like and follow Instagram influencers. Some are quite friendly and engaging. They will give a shout-out should you request.

6. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have quickly become a key part of the platform and this is largely because the social media world is tilting more and more to the use of videos. Stories are an ideal way to share more dynamic, unpolished contents that are not in the face of first-time followers.

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